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If you are healthcare professional or a healthcare institution and would like access to our online courses, please contact elearning@rcplondon.ac.uk and we can arrange access for you.

RCP OnlineEd™

We have recently launched our new online learning platform, RCP OnlineEd™, which is easy to navigate and use.

RCP members can access all the resources here for free.

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RCP Medicine podcast

The RCP Medicine podcast is a discussion of different topics relevant to physicians and physician associates. The podcasts are usually hosted by Dr Amie Burbridge, a consultant in acute medicine from Coventry.

Episodes discuss and explore different topics including real-life clinical cases, new evidence-based guidelines and specific physician issues in the modern healthcare environment. The views expressed in this podcast are those of Amie and other presenters and not necessarily the RCP.

Current  podcasts have been made with an educational grant from Celgene. They have had no input or involvement whatsoever in the design, development and content of the podcasts.