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Joining the RCP's Patient and Carer Network

Find out how you can join the RCP's Patient and Carer Network (PCN).

RCP is currently seeking a lay chair for its Patient and Carer Network. Click here for a role description and how to apply.

Why do people join the PCN?

By joining the PCN, members become part of an engaging group of volunteers who interact online and in person. Roles vary depending on members’ experiences, interests and availability. From participating in surveys and responding to consultations, to taking part in workshops, and events.

PCN members have:

  • an interest in health or social care
  • the desire to improve health and healthcare
  • the ability to volunteer time either online or in person
  • respect for diversity
  • the ability to work well with others.

Volunteers join the PCN to make a difference. Areas where the PCN has made a significant impact include:

How do I join the PCN?

There are two forms of membership to the PCN (Forum and Community) both of which require individuals to complete our application form.

A Forum member usually has more time to commit to attend different workshops, meetings and committees during the working week, usually in London or Liverpool. A Community member may have less time to attend in person but are still engaged and can be involved in different ways that support and influence RCP policy, projects and activities.

Applications to the PCN Forum follow a more formal process of shortlisting and interview (during specific times of the year). This is done in order to support expectations of the role on both sides.

Applications to the Community follow a less formal process but individuals still have the opportunity to discuss the role via an arranged informal conversation. 

Please read through our Terms of Reference and the role descriptions. So you can make an informed decision about which PCN role would suit you best.

Please see the Downloads section below.

We welcome a conversation with anyone who is interested in joining the PCN. So please do get in touch if you would like to know more, or if you are unclear which role might be best suited to your current availability.

Email: PIU@rcplondon.ac.uk

Working to be inclusive

We are working hard to make the RCP’s Patient and Carer Network as inclusive and balanced as possible. We recognise that we have room to improve and would like your help to enable us to bring a wide range of voices from a mix of organisations, regions, sectors and experiences to enable diverse discussions from a broad patient and carer perspective.
With that in mind, please can we ask that you tell someone else about the PCN. Someone who might not know about the PCN but you believe could bring a valuable perspective.