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On behalf of JRCPTB, the specialty recruitment office (SRO) coordinates a national process of application and recruitment to CT1 posts in the programmes of acute care common stem [acute medicine] (ACCS-AM) and core medical training (CMT).

All deaneries, local education & training boards (LETBs) and employing bodies across all four UK nations are participating in the SRO-coordinated CT1 recruitment process for 2014.

2014 recruitment

Round 1

Applications for the first round of recruitment to 2014 ACCS-AM and CMT CT1 posts are no longer being accepted (deadline for submission was 5 December 2013).

Interviews in round 1 are now completed, with offers being made by deaneries/LETBs.

Round 2

Applications for the second round of recruitment to 2014 CT1 posts are accepted from 10am (UK time) on Tuesday 18 March 2014.

All applications must be submitted by 5pm (UK time) on Thursday 3 April 2014. Late applications cannot and will not be accepted under any circumstances.

All CT1 posts (in ACCS-AM and CMT) entered into round 2 will also have start dates in August 2014, as with round 1 posts.

Candidates are welcome to apply to round 2, regardless of whether or not they applied in 2014 round 1.

Further information

Full information on all aspects of the CT1 recruitment process can be found on the CT1 recruitment website; including details of:

As well as all other aspects of the process.

In addition, a summary applicants’ guide can be downloaded from the website homepage. This is intended as a brief guide to the whole process, with more specific focus on the application form and the interview.

The website also includes a frequently-asked questions section.

2015 recruitment

Details of the 2015 CT1 recruitment process have not yet been confirmed at this stage; these will be published to the CT1 recruitment website as soon as they are confirmed and available.

However, we would suggest the currently-available 2014 information to be a good guide for recruitment in 2015. In particular, we would expect the current eligibility entry criteria to be largely, if not completely, the same for 2015.

Specialty recruitment office - CT1 recruitment helpdesk

As well as the information online, any queries regarding CT1 recruitment can be directed to the SRO via email at ct1recruitment@rcplondon.ac.uk.