The Royal College of Physicians' mission is to drive improvements in health and healthcare has never been more important. No one knows more about the health service than our member doctors working in hospitals across the UK. We draw on their knowledge and expertise to develop evidence-based policy in key areas of healthcare, from health service reform to public health issues like alcohol, obesity and tobacco. We champion medical professionalism and leadership, promote patient-centred care and drive improvements in clinical practice, the design and delivery of health services and the health of the public.

Health reforms timeline

Our health reforms timeline highlights the key milestones in the passage of the Health and Social Care Bill 2011 in England, outlining how the RCP has influenced the process.

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Improving healthcare

We harness the knowledge and expertise of our member doctors to support real improvements in the way health services are designed and delivered. We lead the debate on all aspects of healthcare organisation, from quality and patient safety, to health informatics and the medical workforce.

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Health reforms

The Health and Social Care Bill 2011 introduces major changes to the health service in England. Read more about the RCP’s position on the new structures, commissioning, education and training, competition and public health.

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Physician development

The RCP supports the development of expert, high quality physicians that deliver the highest quality care for their patients. We promote medical professionalism and leadership, and have a key role in medical education and training and revalidation.

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Reducing health harms

Doctors have a key role to play in supporting individuals and communities to take effective action for good health. The RCP leads the debate on a number of key public health issues, including alcohol, tobacco, climate change and global health.

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