The Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA) UK brings together organisations whose mission is to reduce the damage caused to health by alcohol misuse. Members include medical bodies, charities and alcohol health campaigners.

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Latest AHA UK News

March 2013

AHA UK report shows rise in hospital admissions for alcohol-related cancers

 Alcohol and cancer draws on the latest research to explain the relationship between alcohol and cancer and why this is a problem that the UK needs to tackle now. The report shows that hospital admissions for alcohol-related cancer in England have jumped 28% in just eight years, however many people in the UK are still unaware that drinking alcohol is a risk factor for seven types of cancer.

AHA UK tells the Prime Minister to show courage on minimum unit pricing

In a letter written to the Prime Minister, the AHA urges him not to ‘falter at this late stage’ and ‘to put health and lives first’ by continuing the government's commitment to a minimum unit price for alcohol. 

AHA UK urges government to stand firm on introducing minimum unit pricing for alcohol

AHA UK has called for the government to continue its commitment to minimum unit pricing (MUP), arguing that in recent months the evidence to support MUP has strengthened, and the breadth of public and professional backing for the policy has widened.

January 2013

AHA UK criticises drinks industry's tactics against minimum unit pricing

AHA UK has criticised the drinks industry's tactics in undermining evidence-based alcohol policy measures such as minimum unit pricing.

AHA UK responds to the government's alcohol strategy consultation

AHA UK has submitted its response to the government consultation on the alcohol strategy. The AHA UK response welcomes the proposal to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol and supports the end of multi-buy promotions in the off-trade.

A short briefing and a copy of the AHA UK's response is below.

Health First: An evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK

The AHA is supporting Health First: An evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK. The report is backed by more than 70 health organisations and calls for the UK government to prioritise Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP), amongst a set of key policies aimed at curbing the nation's drink problem.

Download Health First: An evidence-based alcohol strategy for the UK from the University of Stirling website.

Alcohol misuse – a national health problem

There is clear evidence that excessive alcohol consumption is a major source preventable disease and premature death in the UK. Yet UK residents are still drinking 90 per cent more than they did in 1960, and the number of people whose health is affected by alcohol is rising year after year. In 2010/11 alcohol misuse resulted in:

  • 15,000 deaths
  • 1.1 million hospital admissions
  • £2.7 billion in NHS costs

A range of strategies are required to prevent, diagnose and treat alcohol-related health harms. The most effective interventions reduce alcohol consumption by addressing the price, availability and marketing of alcoholic products. This must be accompanied by national support for health services that will ensure the early identification and ongoing treatment of alcohol dependence and health conditions caused by alcohol misuse.

Last updated on: 15 April 2013