In March 2012 the Royal College of Physicians established the Future Hospital Commission. Future hospital: caring for medical patients sets out the Commission’s vision for hospital services structured around the needs of patients, now and future. The Commission’s recommendations are drawn from the very best of our hospital services, taking examples of existing innovative, patient-centred services to develop a comprehensive model of hospital care that meets the needs of patients, now and in the future.

Future hospital: caring for medical patients focuses on the care of acutely ill medical patients, the organisation of medical services, and the role of physicians and doctors in training across the medical specialties in England and Wales. However, people’s needs are often complex, and hospital services must be organised to respond to all aspects of physical health (including multiple acute and chronic conditions), mental health and well-being, and social and support needs. The model of care proposed by the Future Hospital Commission is underpinned by the principle that hospitals must be designed around the needs of patients.

Below you will find links to the main report, the executive summary, and other documents summarising the main recommendations and principles of patient care.

Additional cases studies to those outlined in the report are available on the link below.

The report’s recommendations are just the first step in a longer programme of activity designed to achieve real change across hospitals and the wider health and social care economy in which they operate. In its response to the Commission’s report, the RCP will set out how it will take this work forward and continue to drive improvement in hospital services across England and Wales.

You can inform the Royal College of Physicians’ response and next stage work by sending us your comments, ideas and examples of good practice. Please contact us at

Last updated on: 18 September 2013