Funding and awards

Since 1582, the RCP has been the beneficiary of numerous legacies from fellows and friends. The associated trust funds have generated income to support many fellowships, bursaries, prizes and lectures. Generous funding from other organisations has also enabled us to provide opportunities for research into many diverse medical conditions.

Please note that awards and funding are for RCP members and fellows.

The RCP provides awards, funds and bursaries in the following categories:

Research fellowships

We offer a number of research fellowships in a bid to support our commitment to improving clinical standards and help support clinicians in their research work in a variety of specialty areas.

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Travelling fellowships and bursaries

Travelling fellowships and bursaries are available to trainees in a variety of specialties to promote research, opportunities, and the chance to learn new techniques in their chosen field.

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There are a number of lectureships open, either by application or nomination. Lectureships include the Linacre Lecture 2012 and the Milroy lecture on state medicine and public health.

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Prizes help support the RCP's commitment to improving clinical standards, and support clinicians and trainees.  Prizes include the Graham Bull prize in clinical science, the Goulstonian Lectureship, and the Teale essay prize for trainees. 

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