Online knowledge support tool with over 250 evidence-based clinical care maps covering all major areas of healthcare.

The Royal College of Physicians has been working with Map of Medicine since 2008, reviewing and adding practice based knowledge to a selection of medical care pathways.  It is a web-based knowledge support tool that has over 250 evidence-based clinical care maps covering all major areas of healthcare. The software is available for use by any NHS clinician, free at the point of care and is seen as an implementation route for clinical management guidelines (including NICE guidance) and other good practice tools. The RCP will continue to work with the Map of Medicine until at least 2014 on 49 pathways across a variety of specialties.

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What is the Map of Medicine?

The Map of Medicine is the ideal starting point for defining and communicating services. It is a collection of evidence-based, practice informed care pathways which connect all the knowledge and services around a clinical condition. The Map can be customised to reflect local service needs by clinicians looking to support clinical decision and by commissioners to deliver real benefits through new care pathways. Over 150 organisations have localised more than 1,400 care pathways.

The Map of Medicine is a recognised authority as a reference source. Care pathways are based on searches of over 170 sources of guidance and 7,000 journals, one of which is the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), to describe a complete clinical pathway. All sources are quality-assured by the Map. The Map also goes beyond the evidence to include practice-based knowledge from those with front-line clinical experience. No other care pathways aggregate knowledge in such a comprehensive manner.

Care maps are regularly reviewed by RCP fellows and members, who form groups within their specialty remit, adding practice-informed knowledge where needed. When complete these are peer reviewed by our Joint Specialty Committees, which comprise representation from specialty societies, giving those societies the opportunity to contribute.

The RCP's work with the Map of Medicine will continue until at least 2014 on 49 pathways across a variety of specialties. Details of those care maps which are accredited by the RCP, along with links to the care maps themselves, can be found below.

How do you access the Map of Medicine?

The RCP is one of the colleges and clinical societies that accredit the clinical content of Map of Medicine care maps.


If you would like further information please contact the Project Manager, Mandie Macdonald by email:, or on her direct line: 020 3075 1607.

Access a list of evidence maps by specialty

Map of Medicine care pathways (registration required)  show you the ideal, evidence-based patient journey for common and important conditions. The RCP accredits the following:

Care map Specialty Date of expiry
Abnormal liver testsHepatology29 February 2016
Acute kidney injuryRenal medicine31 May 2016
Alcohol dependence, withdrawal and liver diseaseHepatology28 February 2015
Assessment of sexually transmitted infectionsInfectious diseases  / genitourinary medicine28 February 2015
Asthma in adultsRespiratory medicine29 February 2016
BradyarrhythmiasCardiology28 February 2014
Chronic kidney diseaseRenal medicine31 May 2015
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Respiratory medicine28 February 2015
Clostridium difficileInfectious diseases 31 August 2014
Community-acquired pneumoniaRespiratory medicine31 August 2016
Crohn's diseaseGastroenterology31 August 2016
Death and bereavementPalliative medicine30 November 2013
DiabetesEndocrinology31 August 2016
DyslipidaemiaCardiology28 February 2015
End-of-life carePalliative medicine31 August 2016
Falls in elderly peopleGeriatric medicine29 February 2016
Headache in adultsNeurology29 February 2016
HIVGenitourinary Medicine30 November 2015
InfluenzaInfectious diseases 30 November 2013
Irritable bowel syndrome Gastroenterology 30 November 2014
Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)Infectious diseases 30 November 2014
Obesity in adultsNutrition / general medicine28 February 2015
OsteoporosisDiabetes and endocrinology31 May 2016
Pleural effusionRespiratory medicine31 May 2016
Pulmonary embolismRespiratory medicine31 May 2016
Rheumatoid arthritisRheumatology30 November 2015
Smoking cessationRespiratory medicine30 November 2015
Stable anginaCardiology31 August 2015
Stroke and transient ischaemic attack Neurology 31 May 2016
Thyroid disordersDiabetes and Endocrinology31 May 2015
Tuberculosis (TB)Infectious diseases30 November 2013
Ulcerative colititsGastroenterology31 August 2015
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