Consultancy services

The RCP plays a key role in providing hospital doctors with the information and support they need. We have long-established areas of expertise that we make available to teams and individuals.

Our work in producing clinical guidelines and audits is well established, and we are constantly developing the ways we help organisations with audit delivery or record keeping.

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Invited service reviews

Trusts can request invited service reviews (ISRs) in relation to a range of issues they need independent advice about. Led by our dedicated medical director, the team typically includes: consultants from the relevant specialty, a nurse specialist and manager, and a member of our Patient and Carer Network.

Terms of reference are agreed with the trust before the review. The team analyse the situation via interviews, and summary feedback is provided at the end of the review. A full report with recommendations is produced and issued to the trust. A fee is charged, plus expenses and accommodation costs.

To find out more contact: Michelle Wong:, +44 (0)20 3075 1237.

Stroke Peer Review Scheme

The RCP ­– in association with the British Association of Stroke Physicians and the Stroke Association – run a peer review service for trusts in the UK. Peer review visits are usually requested by individual trusts or stroke networks in response to audit results, or to explore preparedness for changes in stroke services.

Hospitals are visited by a multidisciplinary review team of highly experienced clinicians, managers and patient representatives, who are trained in conducting the stroke peer reviews.

The focus of a review can be any part of the stroke pathway eg acute care, rehabilitation or transient ischaemic attack (TIA) service. Recommendations are given on the day of the visit and a full report is issued soon after.

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Educational consultancy

The RCP educational consultancy works with medical organisations – in the UK and internationally – to help find effective solutions to challenging educational and training issues, faced by the modern medical profession. We then use our expertise to implement solutions and produce tailored programmes for our partners.

We have supported a number of different organisations, offering a range of services from advisory through to undertaking major curriculum design and development work.

With a wide range of knowledge and experience, we've helped our partners by:

  • putting in place an assessment system to satisfy the regulator that standards are being achieved
  • advising on a pragmatic and workable approach to managing trainees in difficulty
  • designing, developing and implementing a new postgraduate curriculum
  • developing a skilled teaching faculty that provides effective training to trainees.

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