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RCP Annual report 2016: Supporting doctors to improve care

This year our annual report and review have been combined into one document, Supporting doctors to improve care. Find out about the RCP’s key achievements in 2016, including how we improved care for patients, and led and supported our members.

Major highlights

  • increasing our membership by 1,500 to almost 33,500 physicians
  • delivering MRCP(UK) exams to 26,500 candidates around the world
  • announcing our plans for RCP North, a new centre for clinical excellence in Liverpool.

Our annual report presents our key activities and achievements in 2016, as well as outlining our strategy for the future. It is set out under our strategic themes:

  1. improving care for patients
  2. developing physicians throughout their careers
  3. leading and supporting our members
  4. shaping the future of health and healthcare
  5. investing in our future and building on our heritage.

Summary of income and expenditure

In 2016 our total income was £40.7 million, so has remained broadly stable. As a result of our continued investment in the RCP’s strategy, our expenditure increased by 5% from £40.5 million in 2015 to £42.5 million in 2016. This has been driven mainly by our commitment to improving standards in clinical practice and growth of our education and training work.

For a complete description of our activities and results for the year, please download the full report.