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International strategy

The Royal College of Physicians has vast experience in setting healthcare standards and improving patient care in the UK. We have a responsibility to use this experience to support our global network of members and fellows and to improve access to quality healthcare worldwide.

International demand for RCP expertise is greater than ever. During the first half of 2016, RCP teams delivered training courses or participated in meetings in 17 different countries and hosted seven international delegations in London.

The RCP International Strategy (2016-20) will help prioritise our activity, ensuring that all international work:

  • fits with at least one of the core strategy's five strategic aims 
  • involves a product or service that we have the expertise to provide
  • is focused on the areas in which RCP involvement will add the greatest value.

    Our mission is to be seen globally as the ‘go to’ organisation capable of setting, measuring and improving standards of healthcare, patient experience and models of healthcare service delivery.

    Dr Ian Bullock, RCP chief executive officer

    Strategic themes

    Like the core strategy launched in 2015, the international strategy is built around a number of strategic themes:

    1. Improving care for patients
    2. Developing physicians throughout their careers
    3. Leading and supporting our members
    4. Shaping the future of health and healthcare
    5. Investing in our future, building on our heritage
    6. Raising standards in training and assessment around the world