Dr Ananthakrishnan Raghuram

RCP Linacre fellow

Dr Ananthakrishnan Raghuram has been a consultant in general and respiratory medicine since 2002. He did his general medical and respiratory training on the prestigious North Western rotation and now works at Cheltenham General Hospital.

'Raghu' is a consultant thoracic physician in Gloucestershire and was appointed as the RCP Linacre fellow with responsibilities for supporting RCP college and associate college tutors. Alongside this, he is currently the RCP regional adviser and head of school of medicine in the Severn region, and previously held the role of RCP censor.

As a chief examiner and host for MRCP PACES, Dr Raghuram sits on the MRCP Part II exam board and is on the implementation committee developing the new internal medicine curriculum for the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB).

Projects I am involved with

Chief registrar programme