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Dr Angshu Bhowmik

Elected councillor

Dr Angshu Bhowmik is an elected member of Council at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP).

Angshu is a consultant and honorary senior lecturer in respiratory and general medicine at Homerton University Hospital, London. Angshu is also a training programme director for respiratory medicine, the curriculum lead on the Respiratory Specialist Advisory Committee, and chair of the Respiratory Specialist Training Committee for London and the South East.

Angshu qualified from the University of Calcutta in 1992 and has been a fellow of the RCP since 2006. He has been lead cancer clinician at Homerton Hospital since 2019, having previously worked as associate medical director and clinical director. Angshu has previously served as a member of Council of the British Thoracic Society, and was a member of the Thorax editorial board for 8 years.

Angshu’s research interests include lung cancer and COPD. He was named in ScienceWatch.com as the author with the highest citation rate in the field of COPD in the world in the period 1999–2009.