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Dr Anita Banerjee

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Anita Banerjee is an obstetric physician and diabetes and endocrinology consultant and an honorary reader in obstetric medicine at King’s College University.

She graduated from King's College, London before completing speciality training in North West London. Anita then worked at the Vascular Biology Institute with Gary Striker in Miami researching diabetic nephropathy and women’s health. Her main interests are social inequalities, education, obstetric medicine and long-term health conditions.

Anita is actively involved in education, working as the TPD for Internal Medicine Training and is involved in the implementation of the IMT3 program at her trust. She has worked as the deputy director of medical education at her trust, where she has been committed to supporting all educational needs.

She has been the regional advisor for both South London and England. Anita is one of the leading authors of the obstetric medicine diploma and has also co-authored the RCP acute care toolkit on managing acute medical problems in pregnancy, where she is continuing to develop blended training packages for obstetric medicine. She has co-produced and led innovative educational programmes across many aspects of medicine.

With her experience in delivering integrated multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning, she aspires to continue to support the college and advocate for all its members.