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Dr Atir Khan

Consultant physician diabetes and endocrinology, Glangwili Hospital

Dr Atir Khan (FRCP, MD), describes his experience with the MSc in Medical Leadership.

How was your student experience?

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, and learned a lot about the NHS, leadership and organisations. The Faculty was great.

What did you find most valuable about the course?

Understanding how problems occur in organisations and what systems can be put in place to improve the organisational environment.

How has the course benefited your career?

I will soon be applying for an associate medical director post. I have also gone on to do an MA in medical ethics and law.

Where have you put theory into practice?

I am trying to start organisational research in Wales.

What did you gain from working with your peers?

I gained friendship, feedback, learning, and it broadened my perspectives on the NHS.

Would you recommend this course to your colleagues? And if so, why?

I would definitely recommend it. It is important to develop leaders for the NHS of the future.