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Dr Harriet Gordon

Consultant gastroenterologist

Member since 2004.

“My most memorable moment? Meeting the Queen. [...] By her being there she united the whole college.”

Dr Harriet Gordon

“The RCP covers a wide breadth of specialities — but there’s more that unites us than divides us — and with patients experiencing a whole spectrum of disorders, it’s so important for us to understand each others' specialities and work together as physicians — each of us learning from each other and becoming multi-skilled.”

“My most memorable moment? Meeting the Queen. Here was someone who’s spent her life serving the public in a very different way to us, but she appeared genuinely interested in what we had to say, she came across as very well informed, and she really listened. She actually knew far more about the workforce than a lot of my colleagues did!

There was no reason why she had to know about it, so I took from that day, that if you actually listen to what people have to say, are properly briefed and have done your homework, you can actually make a difference. By her being there she united the whole college, she got everyone together, she made a huge 'feel good' buzz, but actually it was more important than that — she does talk to other people and achieves much more on our behalf than simply being a figurehead.”