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Dr Hilal Al Saffar

International adviser – Iraq

Dr Hilal Al Saffar is a consultant cardiologist and was the director of medical education at the University of Baghdad. He completed his education in Baghdad and graduated from College of Medicine, University of Baghdad in 1981. He became a fellow of the RCP in 2012.

He is experienced in clinical cardiology and the training and education of both under-postgraduate students and postgraduate trainees and oversaw the Iraqi UK training programme, which includes 400 Iraqi specialists training in the UK for two months across many disciplines (2007–2010).

He has great experience in medical education and curriculum reform, leading the modernisation of Baghdad College of Medicine curriculum, from subject-based to system integration, in collaboration with Nottingham and Sheffield Universities. He was appointed as head of the Medical Education Council (MECIQ)/Arab board, member of national council for accreditation medical colleges/Iraq (NCAMC). Currently, he is the head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society’s Scientific Committee.