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Dr Matthew Roycroft

Trainees Committee representative – Yorkshire and co-chair

Dr Roycroft is an StR in geriatric medicine working in Yorkshire and the Humber, having previously trained in multiple regions within the UK and internationally.

Matthew has special interests in medical education and leadership, being in the final few months of both an MEd and the Leadership Academy's Mary Seacole programme. He is presently on secondment to the School of Medicine at HEE North where he works on multiple projects including getting increased time allocations for college tutors, developing a regional teaching programme and redesigning the school website to improve communication with trainees.

Matthew's main focus, however has been on improving LTFTT, introducing IM1 and using data to get positive local outcomes. Since becoming a member of the RCP's Trainees Committee (TC) in 2017, he has co-authored the JRCPTB's 'Taking time out after CMT' advice document and is presently leading on writing a document on becoming a physician for doctors and trainees deciding on core training options. He has attended multiple meetings on behalf of the TC covering diverse areas including the CMTAC, JRCPTB's Training the Trainers working group, Our Future Health's resource stream and the QI Hub board.