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Dr Muhammad Imran Farooq

North Western

Speciality doctor in cardiology

CQID board representative

Dr Farooq is specialty doctor in cardiology working for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LTHTR). He joined LTHTR in March 2021, having previously worked internationally in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He has wide multicentre clinical experience, particularly in the fields of heart failure and cardiology imaging.

He has recently been appointed as a member of the Care Quality Improvement Department (CQID) Committee. He is aiming to raise SAS doctors’ awareness of the importance of quality improvement (QI) in medicine and working towards getting more SAS doctors to take up QI projects at local and regional levels. Dr Farooq has special interests in leadership, medical education and quality improvement. He is a certified trainer for American Heart Association resuscitation courses. In pursuit of excellence in teaching skills, he’s hoping to get postgraduate degree in medical education in the future.

Dr Farooq is currently persuing his certificate courses in leadership and QI and is looking forward to getting National Association for Healthcare Quality certification in healthcare quality.