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Dr Philip Jennings

Deputy medical director, NHS England (Cheshire and Merseyside)

Dr Philip Jennings describes his experience with the MSc in Medical Leadership.

What have you found most valuable?

From an academic perspective, learning a new discipline of organisational psychology was useful as it taught me to evaluate data and results through a different lens rather than always relying on a traditional basic science background. The chance to meet established medical leaders in a small group session was invaluable in building my own style and confidence as an emerging medical leader.

Have there been any instances where you have put your theory into practice?

The course provided insight into lots of the theory that we need in a rapidly changing NHS. The modules relating to change and motivation were particularly useful.

Would you recommend this course to colleagues? If so, please give brief reasons for your answer.

Yes absolutely, especially if you are considering a career that involves a formal leadership or management role. The MSc is something that stands out on your CV and has certainly helped me with my career progression.