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Dr Rosaline Garr

Consultant in paediatrics and neonatal medicine, neonatal lead, RCPCH deputy regional lead (Mersey)

I completed the MSc in Medical Leadership in October 2012, having studied for it over 2 rather than 3 years.  I graduated with the first cohort on this programme in 2013.

I found the lecturers on the course supportive. It was an interesting experience as I had a significant commute for the residential aspect but we had enough advance notice of the coursework and dates to enable me to organise the trip and complete assignments.

Working with peers from other specialties was also a valuable experience as it gave me a different perspective on various issues. One of the most valuable aspects was the insight brought to the course by invited speakers. I have translated a lot of what I have learned into my work as a consultant in paediatrics and neonatal medicine as well as neonatal lead in my trust, during this period of change in the NHS. I would highly recommend this course for those who want to be effective leaders.