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Dr Sara Landy

Northern Ireland

Associate specialist in dermatology

Dr Sarah Landy is an associate specialist in dermatology and has recently been accepted as a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

She has been involved in medical politics for over 20 years representing and promoting SAS doctors.

She is chair of the Southern Trust Local Negotiating Committee (British Medical Association (BMA)) and is also chair of the Medical Staff Committee.

She became the RCP NI SAS representative in June 2019.

Since becoming an associate specialist in 1998 she has worked hard to raise the profile and recognition of the SAS workforce and was integral in the development of the SAS charter and SAS development programme in Northern Ireland.

In her various roles in the Southern Trust she is working to improve medical engagement with management, medical interaction between specialties and between doctors across different hospital sites, as well as to improve the education and work life balance for trainees.

She says: ‘COVID-19 has changed so many of our normal processes and we need to collaboratively develop new ways of working across specialties as well as across the primary–secondary care divide. This unprecedented situation is offering amazing opportunities to rethink the ways we do things to make the service we provide not only more efficient but more accessible. I have seen changes take place over days and weeks that would normally have taken years because of bureaucracy and red tape. We must avail of this new philosophy to grow and progress the services we provide and at the same time develop a sustainable future for the next generations of our medical workforce.’