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Dr Shah Tauzeeh

London South

Associate specialist in general internal medicine with special interest in elderly care, stroke and orthogeriatric rehabilitation

Born in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and a graduate from Calcutta (now Kolkata, India), Dr Shah Tauzeeh finally moved to north London from the Lake District in the early 1990s for a permanent post after his locum and substantive jobs across England and Scotland. It did not take long to gain the recognition and trust of consultants, local GPs and management and to play a pivotal role in the reorganisation of long-term care facilities for older people. In continuation of this, a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit was set up which was awarded the National Beacon Award in 2000. A stroke follow-up clinic was established soon after. He has also received trust staff awards.

He is an active member of the British Medical Association (BMA) and has served as secretary of the BMA North Thames SAS Committee for three terms. He was a delegate to the BMA Annual Representative Meeting (ARM).

Has been an SAS representative of the RCP since 2018. As a single-handed practitioner, he manages stroke survivors in bedded areas for their return to the community. His additional responsibilities include trust lead for resuscitation and the Mortality Review Group.

Living a life in the shadows of ongoing chronic ill health with long-term conditions and invisible disabilities from a younger age, his passion, dedication and unrelenting optimism kept him continuing with his everyday life to face the world with a smile and be a contributing member of society.