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Dr Syed Asim Ali Mukhtar


Specialty doctor in acute medicine 

Dr Mukhtar is specialty doctor in acute medicine working for Isle of Wight NHS Trust (IOWT). He joined IOWT in August 2018, having previously worked internationally in Abu Dhabi and Pakistan.

Dr Mukhtar has special interests in leadership and mentoring junior doctors. He is also working as international medical graduates (IMGs) mentor, a role he took up when he realised that the IMGs were facing considerable difficulties in adapting into their respective roles in when joining the trust. He is also education supervisor and simulation trainer.

Dr Mukhtar is also member of the Local Negotiating Committee and the Joint Local Negotiating Committee, and actively involved in highlighting issues concerning SAS doctors. He is working towards raising profile of SAS doctors and working towards getting more SAS doctors to take up leadership roles. He is also active member of Race and Diversity Network in his trust and working with numerous members of the trust in addressing issues pertaining to BAME staff. He has recently been appointed as SAS representative on RCP Diversity and Inclusion (DI) delivery group.

Dr Mukhtar is currently pursuing Embedded Clinical Leadership in Practice Scheme, a fellowship programme with the Wessex deanery, after recently completing a QI fellowship with the Wessex deanery. He is also looking forward to enroll in MSc in medical leadership for the 2021/2022 programme.