Dr Tanzeem Raza

Consultant physician, Royal Bournemouth Hospital

Dr Tanzeem Raza is an elected member of Council at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP).

Dr Raza has worked as a physician in acute medicine since 1997, being one of the first consultants in acute medicine. He was the clinical lead for acute care for 17 years. He also served as the director of medical education in his hospital for over 10 years.

At the RCP he has served as an RCP censor and has been an examiner for PACES since it was first introduced in 2000. He is currently the senior (chief) London examiner for PACES and represents the RCP on the Clinical Exam Board for MRCP(UK). He is also a member of the PACES 2020 working group.

Previously, Dr Raza has served on the Specialty Certificate Examinations board for acute medicine, worked as associate international director for the RCP and an assessor for GPT, and has represented the RCP on National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) reports.

In Wessex, he has been an associate postgraduate dean, RCP regional specialty adviser for acute medicine, regional lead for PACES, member of the executive board at the School of Postgraduate Medicine and works in the professional support unit which assists struggling trainees.