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Rhona Buckingham

Executive director, care quality improvement

Rhona is executive director of the Care Quality Improvement Department (CQID).

CQID delivers ambitious programmes that support healthcare improvement and patient safety via three component teams: 

  1. Developing national clinical guidelines on behalf of NICE (the National Guideline Centre).
  2. Managing national clinical audit programmes to improve care in COPD and asthma services, falls and fragility fracture care and lung cancer, and accredit clinical services in endoscopy, allergy, liver, pulmonary rehabilitation, and primary immunodeficiency (the Audit and Accreditation team).
  3. Supporting healthcare improvement and patient safety in the NHS via a learning programmes, projects, bespoke support to NHS teams (Quality Improvement and Patient Safety team).

A nurse by profession, Rhona has 18 years’ clinical and managerial experience in NHS secondary care settings, primary care, public health and clinical teaching overseas.