International services

Information on the international services that the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) offers.

National Guideline Centre

As the largest clinical guideline centre in the UK, the National Guideline Centre (NCG) specialises in advice and support to healthcare providers across the globe who want to develop their own clinical guidelines and deliver a work programme covering a wide variety of clinical topics. Whether it's providing guidelines and quality improvement products or professional skills and training, we provide a bespoke consultancy service that will meet a country's or an organisation’s needs.

Our services

  • Adapting NCG guidelines and other products to your healthcare context.
  • Working with you to develop a clear guideline plan and scope where NCGC guidelines don't exist.
  • Help you to set up and run evidence-based quality or guideline development groups.
  • Support in health economic modelling.
  • Provide a specialist team of clinicians and guideline developers who will visit you in your country.
  • Provide you and your team with the relevant tools to manage all aspects of guideline development and enable you to coach a team to continue this work.
  • Offer continuing feedback and support.