Welcome to the RCP’s website

The RCP website is our primary channel to communicate with our fellows and members worldwide.

Revisions to the RCP website, March 2012

From March 2011, the RCP website will look a bit different. These changes are being made to improve the way materials appear on our pages and to make it easier for members to access ‘members-only’ information. These changes are being made in response to feedback from our members.

Revisions include:

  1. Improved signposting of the login/logout function
  2. New and revised areas of the website, including:
    • What we do - a new area to better showcase the breadth of work we do on behalf of our members, with information about policy, projects and programmes, consultations and more
    • Medical careers and training - an updated area for our growing careers and training information
    • CPD, education and revalidation - a revised area to help members find CPD and educational programmes
    • Research - a new section to highlight the role of academic medicine and medical research
    • My RCP - better signposting for members-only area
  3. Improved visibility for important messages and features
  4. Rolling updates of news, events, projects, articles and forum discussions for members to get involved in
  5. Important links to join the conversation, and useful links to RCP information.

Screenshot of design revision to the RCP website


Website credits

The website has been developed with the help of Moore Wilson and RCP’s communications and IT teams. The website is managed using a Drupal content management system.