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RCP at The Spine

The culmination of a 5-year project, RCP at The Spine in Liverpool is our base for providing events, activities and services to our members in the north of England, and is the first time we have had a significant presence outside London.

RCP at The Spine helps us achieve our vision of a world in which everyone has the best possible health and healthcare by being:

  • a beacon of academic excellence and medical leadership.
  • a locus for the improvement of patient care and public health by driving quality improvement and implementation science.
  • a world-class learning and assessment centre.

Working across two sites presents new opportunities for the RCP, encouraging us to work differently, to develop new partnerships and to develop as an organisation.

The new northern site brings the RCP into the heart of a medical and scientific precinct. It is considered a major gateway building within the Paddington Village development which is being led by Liverpool City Council. This is located within the wider Knowledge Quarter, which focuses on delivering major positive economic impact to the city through education, knowledge and research.

Our presence in Liverpool helps RCP to become more involved in the health of the local community, supporting one of our major policy initiatives to reduce health inequality. It provides an opportunity to become involved in regional public health research that could contribute to healthier lives, reduce multiple morbidities and health inequality, working closely with existing organisations such as the Northern Health Science Alliance, local health commissioners and providers.

The Spine is a hub and meeting point for fellows and members in the north of England, who now have more opportunities to  become involved in our work, attend meetings, educational courses, lectures and other events.

The building itself is a groundbreaking, world-leading example of biophilic architecture, and was designed to meet the principles established in the WELL Standard, supporting mental and physical wellbeing for staff and visitors.

Our vision is that RCP at The Spine will be a beacon of excellence, attracting high-quality healthcare professionals and staff, and driving quality improvement in a pioneering atmosphere of collaboration and partnership. It is a showcase for us to demonstrate what we are most proud of as an organisation. It will establish our presence, excellence and purpose for the next 500 years.