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RCP at The Spine

In 2021, the RCP will open an exciting new purpose-built office in partnership with Liverpool City Council – RCP at The Spine.

For the first time in our 500-year history, the RCP will be working from two main homes, each supporting around 200 staff.  

Beacon of excellence

RCP at The Spine will be a beacon of excellence, attracting high quality healthcare professionals and staff, and driving quality improvement in a pioneering atmosphere of collaboration and partnership. 

    RCP at The Spine ground floor foyer

    This is a showcase that will open up medicine – a chance for us to show and demonstrate what we are most proud of as an organisation. We hope that RCP at The Spine will establish our presence and purpose for the next 500 years.

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    Links to our vision, the timeline for the development and opening of The Spine, the design principles and our regular updates for fellows and members: