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RCP specialties

There are 30 different physician specialties, which range in size and scope from geriatric medicine (providing holistic care for older patients) through to nuclear medicine (using radioactive materials to aid diagnosis and treatment of disease).

How does the RCP work with specialties?

The RCP provides an opportunity for specialties to come together and speak with a united voice on issues that affect the entire profession. We also work closely with individual specialties and specialty associations through our Joint Specialty Committees, our Medical Specialties Board and through regular meetings with specialty representatives.

The RCP relies on support from our specialties for many of our major projects, such as Medical care, which is a guide to delivering services in physician specialties and is written by authors who are nominated by specialties.

Physician specialties and their societies

Acute internal medicine

Society for Acute Medicine


Audiovestibular medicine

British Association of Audiovestibular Physicians

Aviation and space medicine 


British Cardiovascular Society

Clinical genetics 

Clinical neurophysiology 

Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics 

British Pharmacological Society


British Association of Dermatologists

Endocrinology and diabetes mellitus 

Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

Society for Endocrinology


British Association for the Study of the Liver

British Society of Gastroenterology

General (internal) medicine 

Genitourinary medicine 

British Association for Sexual Health & HIV

Geriatric medicine 

British Geriatrics Society


British Society for Haematology


British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology

British Society for Immunology

Infectious diseases 

British Infection Association

Medical oncology 

Association of Cancer Physicians

Medical ophthalmology 


Association of British Neurologists

British Society for Clinical Neurophysiology

Nuclear medicine

British Nuclear Medicine Society

Paediatric cardiology

Palliative medicine

Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain & Ireland

Pharmaceutical medicine

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Rehabilitation medicine

British Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Renal medicine

Renal Association

Respiratory medicine

British Thoracic Society


British Society for Rheumatology

Sport and exercise medicine

Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine

Tropical medicine

British Society for Genetic Medicine

Clinical Genetics Society


  • Hepatology
  • Metabolic medicine
  • Stroke medicine

British and Irish Association of Stroke Physicians