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Regional advisers

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) regional advisers (RAs) are fellows who are selected to serve their region in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The RCP regards RAs to be essential in advising on a range of training, teaching and service activities that are pertinent to the work of physicians.

We have currently have a vacancy for a regional adviser for the London (south) region and for Northern Ireland.

Regional advisers (RAs) are a crucial part of the RCP structure. They are the link between physicians in the regions, the RCP Council and senior officers. During the COVID-19 pandemic this vital leadership role has been invaluable in providing local intelligence to help inform and support the work of the RCP in our role to nurture and sustain physicians, as well as contributing to the wider response to this crisis. To be eligible, applicants must be current subscribing RCP fellows (rather than fellows of another royal college).

This role requires engagement with local physicians and carrying out specific duties that maintain the quality of local services and encourage a vibrant network of physicians. This involves supporting college tutors, approving consultant job descriptions, reviewing fellowship nominations and working with the regional team to create a programme of events.

The role is unpaid, provides a key professional contribution that assists the RCP in improving the quality of patient care in the NHS. RAs are supported by the RCP network of regional offices and managers and work closely with RCP trainee, new consultant and SAS doctor regional representatives.

I felt privileged to be working as a regional adviser during the COVID-19 pandemic as it brought to light the issues surrounding doctors’ wellbeing, training and the enormous pressures on our medical workforce, and what everyone is doing to manage this.

Regional Adviser Dr Elaine Hui, London (North West)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I put myself forward to be a regional adviser?

If there is a vacancy in your region and you would like to stand for the role, you must be a practising clinician within the region and a fellow of the RCP. 

Applications require the following:

  • Completed application form to apply for RCP regional adviser vacancy
  • Copy of your latest CV maximum two pages.

The application form asks for your details including full name, job title and hospital as well as short statements relating to your suitability for the role. You will also require the names of two RCP fellows from within the region who support your nomination.

Which regions have vacancies?

We have recently filled vacancies for regional advisers in North Western, Mersey, London (Central and North East). 

If there are no regional adviser vacancies please be aware that there may be other opportunities to get involved across the RCP. Find out more here.

Would a job share be considered for the regional adviser role?

We would consider two candidates wishing to undertake the role as a job share. Once you have identified someone to share the role with, we would ask that you both apply for the role together. The nomination form you complete will allow you to indicate your preference for a job share and the name of your job share.