Document delivery and inter-library loans

The RCP library supplies hundreds of articles by email every month.  We offer a fast and efficient document delivery and inter-library loan service based on our print collections and those of other libraries.

Copies from RCP publications

For RCP publications that are not available for sale or download, copies of articles or chapters can be supplied for £3 per copy. This fee is waived for RCP members.

Document delivery

Copies of journal articles and book chapters can be emailed, faxed or posted to you. This service is available to:

  • RCP members
  • RCP course students
  • members of the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (FFLM) and the Patient and Carer Network (PCN).

The service is free for RCP course students. For other users:

  • Copies from the library’s print journals and books are supplied for £3 per copy.
  • Copies sourced from other libraries are supplied for £6 each, with a standard delivery time of 5 days. Fees vary for our urgent 2- and 24-hour services. Contact us for details.

All document delivery is subject to copyright restrictions:

  • A service fee must be received in advance.
  • Requests for non-commercial purposes must agree to copyright restrictions on use.
  • Requests for commercial use (involving income generation) or when more than a single article/chapter is requested from a single issue/book incur an additional copyright fee set by the publisher.

Inter-library loans

Items from other libraries may be borrowed at a cost of £10 each, including postal delivery. This service is only available within the UK and has the same restrictions as other book loans. Return postage must be paid by the user.

The majority of our print materials, outside of rare books and special collections, are available to loan to other libraries.

Making a request

Please complete the form below and return it to, except for RCP course students who should return it to to benefit from their free entitlement.

Libraries should email their requests to, quoting their British Library account code and request number.