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Information for UK hospitals

Information for UK hospitals who are wanting to fill a vacancy with an MTI doctor or who have already filled a vacancy with an overseas candidate. 

Hospitals are invited to submit time-limited ST level posts which include a training component. These can be funded from savings on locum costs or by converting hospital posts to MTI posts.

The RCP then identifies and interviews appropriate applicants before inviting the hospital to interview successful candidates by telephone to ensure their suitability for the post.

Applications can be made to the MTI team via mti@rcp.ac.uk by completing a post submission form and job description template.

The fee for this is £2,700 per doctor. 

If you have already identified a candidate for your post then please complete the documents listed below and return to mti@rcp.ac.uk.


  • All posts that are submitted to the RCP must be IMT posts (equivalent to house officer) or above (up to ST7) for the duration of 3 to 24 months. The candidate is expected to return home for at least 1 year upon completion.
  • The RCP only provides sponsorship for posts where at least 50% of the time is spent in clinical training. In most cases, we are unable to sponsor clinical elements of postgraduate studies, unless there is an agreement already in place for this.
  • All MTI candidates must receive high-quality education and training, equivalent to that of a UK trainee, with associated study leave and study leave budget. 
  • The post must have the approval of the regional postgraduate deanery / local education training board (LETB) and training programme director/director of medical education.
  • The post must either be funded by the NHS hospital or the candidate should be in receipt of official funding, e.g. scholarship from government or home institution etc, paid leave. The funding should be equivalent to UK salary for the level of work being undertaken and must last for the duration of the post. The RCP will not sponsor applicants who are self-funded
  • All MTI candidates should be assigned an educational supervisor, who is also responsible for ensuring that the doctor sets and achieves their personal development plan (PDP).
  • There must be a shadowing period of 4-6 weeks minimum before the doctor starts working. 

MTI doctors currently available to be placed in UK hospitals

The table below shows the wide range of candidates we have interviewed for the MTI scheme and are ready to be placed in UK hospitals. If you would like to enquire about any of the specialties/grades available, get in touch with the team.

Documents required from the hospital:

  • job description 
  • hospital form or post submission form
  • AoMRC MTI form
  • interview notes
  • confirmation of job offer including the salary, if applicable.

Templates for the above documents can be found below.

Job description template - hospitals with new or current applications should ensure the template is completed and returned to the MTI team.