Appraisal for revalidation

Appraisal for revalidation is a 1-day group workshop that focuses on the nature and purpose of appraisal and how this links directly to revalidation.

During the day delegates will identify the supporting information and evidence that they will require for peer appraisal and have the opportunity to practise appraisal skills as well as analysing and developing effective strategies for some of the challenges which may present during appraisal.

Upcoming dates

Early-bird discounts are available for workshops booked in advance.

What will you learn?

By the end of this workshop, doctors will be able to:

  • understand the nature and purpose of appraisal and the link with revalidation
  • provide feedback in ways in which a colleague can accept, and can act upon
  • help colleagues develop strategies and targets for continuing professional development
  • recognise and deal with the difficulties presented by appraisal for revalidation.

Who should apply?

  • all specialties
  • SAS doctors
  • consultants and final-year trainees
  • appraisers and appraisees.

This workshop is particularly helpful for those who are relatively new to the appraisal and revalidation process. For more experienced appraisers, we offer a refresher Top-up training for appraisal and revalidation package.

E-learning alternative

For those who are unable to attend the Appraisal for revalidation workshop, we offer a Preparing for revalidation e-learning module. This module offers 3 hours of online training and is suitable for any secondary care doctor going through the revalidation process.

Related courses and further dates

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