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Handover workshop

Throughout the day you will explore best practice in relation to handover and evaluate models used in the aviation industry for highlighting active and latent failures in important systems. You will work independently and with each other to ascertain how we can ensure handover is as effective and efficient as possible. The language for discussing risks and weaknesses in systems will also be covered.

What you will learn?

This workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Explain the need for a mutually agreed, standardised handover system.
  • Walk away with a clear grasp of what constitutes a strong and effective handover system.
  • Communicate the key factors in implementing a successful handover system.
  • Learn about implementing track and trigger systems.
  • Explore the educational opportunities available during handover.

Who should apply?

  • All specialities
  • Foundation Year
  • Core medical trainee/ST1-2
  • ST3+
  • SAS
  • Consultants and final-year trainees

Related courses and further details

For further enquiries, please call Oliver +44 (0)203 075 1555 or email in-house@rcplondon.ac.uk.