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Portfolio Pathway (previously known as CESR)

RCP is expanding their workshop offering for doctors of all specialties who are considering applying for specialist registration via the portfolio pathway (previously known as the Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR) pathway).

Changes to how doctors demonstrate the standard required for specialist registration

From 30 November 2023, doctors applying for specialist registration via the portfolio pathway will need to provide evidence that they have the knowledge, skills and experience required to practise as a specialist in the UK. 

This change is a result of new legislation introduced by the UK government. The new legislation no longer refers to equivalence. Instead, it requires applicants to demonstrate that they have the knowledge, skills and experience required for practising as an eligible specialist in the UK. Applicants will need to demonstrate that their knowledge, skills and experience align to the high-level learning outcomes of the GMC-approved UK curriculum in the relevant specialty, rather than mapping their evidence to the full detail of the relevant CCT curriculum.

The GMC is renaming the CESR pathway to the ‘portfolio pathway’ on 30 November and this new name will be referred to in future documentation, correspondence and webpages from this date.

The GMC has produced a guide summarising what this change means for doctors currently applying for specialist registration via CESR and for those who wish to in the future. Specialty specific guidance, setting out the evidence that doctors will need to provide to apply, is being updated. Further information is available here.

What are we doing about our workshops?

We will be updating our existing popular one day workshop to reflect the new changes and running it throughout the year for those who are new to working in the NHS and embarking on the portfolio pathway process. The workshop includes identifying the evidence that is required for your portfolio pathway application. You will also explore the overlap with between the portolio pathway and revalidation. In addition, the workshop will cover the importance of setting objectives, including setting your own personal objectives.

We will then add a half day workshop aimed primarily at UK doctors who have not travelled down the traditional training route to CCT, and international trained doctors who have been in the UK for some time and are now about to embark on the portfolio patway. This workshop will support you with augmenting your knowledge of the portfolio pathway application process.

Finally watch this page for updates on some Q and A sessions in our virtual classroom delivered by our colleagues in the GMC. This will enable you to discuss your portfolio pathway application with the GMC, and this workshop will be facilitated by the RCP.

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