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Workplace-based assessment workshop

A 1-day workplace-based assessment workshop that provides an overview of the assessment methods regularly used to assess performance in the workplace, and will help develop confidence in using them fairly and effectively.

Upcoming workshop dates

For details of future workshops, please email education.courses@rcplondon.ac.uk to register your interest and get early notification of dates.

The effectiveness of WPBA strongly depends on those undertaking the assessments. Assessors require training to help them to make robust, consistent, independent and defensible judgments.

GMC, 'Workplace-based Assessment: A guide for implementation'

Workshop outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • recognise the differences, and the relationships, between assessment and appraisal
  • use appropriate methods of assessment in a way that ensures reliability, validity, transparency, feasibility and educational impact
  • provide good quality, useful feedback
  • identify and maximise opportunities for workplace-based assessments
  • overcome problems related to the assessment process.

This workshop forms part of the RCP Educator accreditation.

E-learning – assessing trainees in the workplace

Asessing traniees in the workplace is a package that offers 3 hours of online training and is suitable for any secondary care doctor assessing trainees. Available at a discount rate for RCP members and fellows, this package will help you fully understand methods used for assessing trainees, giving insight into what makes good practice and effective feedback.

The package can be purchased on its own at full price, or at a half-price discount when purchased at the same as booking to attend a workplace-based assessment workshop.

  • 1-day workshop fee: £290*
  • Workshop fee + e-learning package: £335*

Membership and early-bird discounts are available. To benefit from discounted member rates, join the RCP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workplace-based assessment?

Workplace-based assessments provide an opportunity to observe, rate and feedback upon aspects of a trainee doctor's practice that are best observed in the authentic clinical environment. Typically, the assessments consist of structured forms which direct the assessor's attention towards particular aspects of clinical practice, such as communication skills, procedural skills and clinical judgement.

What does this 1-day workshop cover?

• definitions and principles of assessment • giving effective feedback • mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (mini-CEX) • Case-based Discussion (CbD) • Acute Care Assessment Tool (ACAT) • Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) • Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) • opportunities for assessment.

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable to doctors of all grades and specialties, including trainees.