Applications for funding from trust funds

RCP members and fellows are given the opportunity to apply for funding from RCP trust funds, with applications assessed on a twice-yearly basis.

Information for applicants

Anyone interested in applying for funds from the RCP should first check the available awards, and apply directly if the project suits one of these opportunities. As per the Funding and Awards Management Committee terms of reference, funds granted are generally:

  • a one-off payment
  • paid over a maximum of two years
  • unable to be reapplied for within three years

Applications should be directed to the five strategic themes of the RCP and toward academic research. The committee will not usually support salaries or degrees.

Application periods

Applications are accepted twice annually, during the following periods:

  • 1 January-28 February
  • 1 July-31 August

Applications are then assessed by the Funding and Awards Management Committee, and decisions will be made in April and October each year. 

Please note that the Committee is unable to review applications or allocate funds outside of these periods. 


For more information, please contact the funding and awards administrator: