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Apply for RCP support in the 2022 round of the national clinical impact awards

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) has been rebranded to the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA) and a new scheme has been rolled out.

National Clinical Impact Awards (CIAs) recognise and reward consultant doctors and dentists who provide clear evidence of clinical excellence, demonstrating achievements that are significantly over-and-above their job plan and what they would normally be expected to deliver in their roles. Consultants must put themselves forward for an award in competition with their peers.

For more information about the process and applying, please refer to the ACCIA applicant guide.

RCP is registered as a national nominating organisation so will be supporting applicants for awards. This is a very competitive process and there is a limit to the number of consultants we can recommend. This year we can submit a shortlist of 26 applicants.

How to apply for RCP support

Our application form can be accessed here.

This form is an abridged version of the National ACIA application form. We also request a name of an individual who is willing to write your citation should we decide to support you.

Deadline for applications for RCP support

The RCP support scheme opens on Wednesday 27 April and will close at 5pm on Wednesday 18 May.

Applicants will be notified of the results of the RCP shortlisting process by Friday 10 June.

If you have any queries about the RCP support process, please email MedicalWorkforce.Unit@rcplondon.ac.uk