Applying for RCP support in the 2016 round of the national clinical excellence awards

The Royal College of Physicians has announced its involvement in the national clinical excellence awards round for 2016.

As a national nominating body the RCP will continue to make recommendations for clinical excellence (previously known as Distinction) Awards. This process covers awards at bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels in England and Wales only, and does not apply to Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Defence Medical Services.

For the 2016 round the RCP has released guidance notes, tips and background information to help inform applicants and interested parties about the arrangements for this year's process. More information on the national clinical awards scheme is available from the UK government's Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA).


The application deadline for RCP support in the 2016 round of the national clinical excellence awards has now passed. Unfortunately no further applications will be accepted. ​ 

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to bring the original deadline of Friday 8 April forward to Sunday 27 March.

We originally emailed all consultants on 26 February notifying them that our support scheme was open stating the closing date was 8 April. We did this in advance of ACCEA opening the 2016 round as we wanted to give consultants as much time as possible to complete their form.

After hearing that ACCEA were opening the 2016 round on 11 March with a closing date of 16 May, we realised we had to adjust our deadlines to allow our scorers enough time to assess each application.

Therefore on 3 March we emailed all consultants again notifying them we had to revise our deadline.

Apologies for any confusion.

Further advice

If you are still looking for support with your ACCEA application for a higher award please contact as we might still be able to help you.

If you are still looking for support with renewal of your existing ACCEA award, the RCP is supporting all renewals. Please contact and we will notify you of the next steps in the renewal process.

Please note that this doesn’t prevent you from seeking support from other organisations. In any case you can still make an application to ACCEA directly.