Medical Masterclass

Medical Masterclass is a learning resource designed by leading clinicians and academics to help doctors prepare for the MRCP(UK) examination.

Printed textbooks

The 12 printed textbooks cover:

  • scientific background to medicine
  • common clinical presentations
  • planning a strategy for investigation and treatment
  • medical specialties that are covered in the MRCP (UK) exams.

Third edition available now

The third edition of Medical Masterclass has been updated to reflect changes to the MRCP(UK) exam and is full of brand new content to aid your learning.

Books in the series

  1. Scientific background to medicine 1
  2. Scientific background to medicine 2
  3. Clinical skills
  4. Acute medicine
  5. Infectious diseases and dermatology
  6. Haematology and oncology
  7. Cardiology and respiratory medicine
  8. Gastroenterology and hepatology
  9. Neurology, medical ophthalmology and psychiatry
  10. Endocrinology
  11. Nephrology 
  12. Rheumatology and clinical immunology

You can purchase the new Medical Masterclass textbooks individually or buy the complete third edition.

Website subscriptions

Buy the best website subscription for you, depending on the date of your exam. Monthly subscriptions are available, and you can choose between access to MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 exam questions. 

Multi-licence users

Medical Masterclass can be purchased by UK and overseas hospital libraries, postgraduate centres and deaneries for their junior doctors to utilise in preparation for the MRCP(UK) exam.

Website usernames, available in multiples of five, are available to purchase, giving your hospital doctors unlimited access to the MRCP(UK) Part 1 and Part 2 revision resources.