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EGM on physician associates - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the EGM on 13 March 2024.

Please note that references to fellows and members should be taken to mean those ‘in good standing’ as set out in the bye-laws of the RCP (34.2(2)) - up to date with subscription fees and with no outstanding conduct issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the RCP holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)?

An EGM may be requested by 20 or more fellows for the purpose of putting a motion or motions to a vote. In this case, in November 2023, the RCP received a request for an EGM in order to discuss issues in relation to physician associates (PAs). RCP Council agreed to the request and the EGM will take place on 13 March 2024.

When and where will the EGM be held?

The EGM will take place on 13 March 2024 (5.30 - 7.30pm) at the RCP in Regent’s Park, London and online.

The EGM and voting process is managed by Civica Election Services (CES), an independent election services organisation. In-person attendance is subject to maximum capacity and pre-booking – information will be shared with eligible attendees via email. It is a meeting of fellows only, Due to the subject to be discussed, Council has exceptionally agreed, that eligible members will be able to watch online.

What will be debated at the EGM?

A number of motions covering issues such as the regulation, supervision and scope of practice of physician associates (PAs).

Who can attend the EGM?

Only subscribing fellows in good standing can attend the EGM. This is set out in the bye-laws of the RCP (8.1). Fellows can either attend online or in person (subject to maximum capacity and pre-booking) at the RCP in Regent’s Park, London.

Many of our members have an interest in this debate and so Council has agreed to allow subscribing UK doctor members to view the meeting online, although they may not participate or vote.

We have also commissioned CES to run a survey for members, the results of which will be shared at the EGM to inform the debate.

Is there a limit to how many fellows can attend the EGM in person?

Yes as the venue has limited capacity. Eligible attendees will be sent details of how to apply to attend in person, by email on 21 February. Places will be allocated to eligible fellows on a ‘first come, first served’ basis with no ‘walk in’ places available on the day.

How does a fellow register to attend the EGM or view online?

Fellows (eligible to attend and vote, online or in person) and UK doctor members (eligible to view online only) will be automatically registered for online access by CES. Fellows will also be given information on how to apply to attend in person by 21 February. Direct email communication will follow with further details. CES will share online joining links on 28 February.

When will I receive EGM papers?

The logistical event information will be shared by 21 February. A link to an online information pack including the motions will be sent directly to fellows by 28 February. These EGM papers will also be available on the RCP website (behind the login) for all the membership to view. 

Do you have to have the MRCP qualification to watch the EGM?

No. Subscribing UK members who are qualified doctors will be able to watch the EGM online.

I am a member of the RCP, not a fellow. Can I contribute to the debate at the EGM and vote?

Only fellows can actively contribute to the debate and vote in the EGM – this is set out in the bye-laws of the RCP (4.5). However, to give a voice to the wider doctor membership, CES will run a survey ahead of the EGM.

The results of the survey will be presented to fellows at the EGM to inform the debate before they vote.

I am a subscribing physician member and want to contribute to the survey. How and when will I receive details?

All subscribing UK doctor members will be sent details on how to complete the survey on Friday 16 February. RCP fellows will not be sent the survey as they will be eligible to vote in the ballot following the EGM. Please keep an eye on your inbox for communications from CES, which is running the survey for the RCP. The survey will close on 28 February.

How do fellows vote and when will this happen?

Council has agreed that a ballot of fellows, on the agreed motions, will take place immediately after the EGM has finished. This will be managed online by CES, who will send instructions on how to vote. The vote will be open for 1 week. The result of the ballot will be announced on Monday 25 March 2024.

I want to take part in the membership survey. When is the cut-off date to join the RCP?

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to join the RCP in time to take part in the membership survey.

What are the RCP bye-laws and why are they important?

The RCP is governed in its constitutional arrangements by its bye-laws, which determine the powers of RCP officers and Council (which meets six times a year). Originally all decisions were made through a quarterly meeting of fellows, but as the college grew this became delegated to the RCP Council, which then reported to an annual general meeting (AGM) of the fellows. Read our bye-laws.

The bye-laws can be thought of as a set of instructions for how the college should behave, setting out the process or the rules for various aspects of its activity – including general meetings of fellows. 

Who should I contact if I am a fellow or subscribing physician member and haven’t received EGM information or the survey?

Please contact membershipqueries@rcp.ac.uk.

What happens when?

16 February - Survey of UK subscribing doctor members opens (results to be shared at EGM).

21 February - EGM in-person booking opens; all fellows will receive direct email communication.

28 February - EGM papers and joining links available to fellows via email and behind login on website.

13 March - EGM takes place. Afterwards, voting opens to fellows.

20 March - Voting closes.

25 March - Results of vote shared (ahead of College Day).

I am an RCP fellow. Will I receive the member survey?

RCP fellows have not been sent the survey as they are able to fully contribute to the EGM in discussions and voting. The survey has been created so that subscribing UK doctor members have a voice too. The results will be shared with fellows at the EGM.

Can I watch the EGM on demand?

As this is a closed (private) meeting of fellows we cannot allow public broadcasting or live updates during the EGM. A recording will be available from 14 March for fellows to access during the voting period. Those eligible to watch the recording will receive an email from our video platform, Eckoenterprise, with a one-time use link. The recording will be available on-demand until voting closes at 7.30pm on 20 March 2024, at which point it will be removed.