Acute Medicine - Gatwick

When and where

28 November 2019
Hilton London Gatwick Airport
South Terminal, Horley, Gatwick RH6 0LL

Acute Medicine - Gatwick

This Acute Medicine conference on 28 November at Hilton Gatwick features a variety of talks relating to conditions encounted on the acute take and equips all delegates with the necessary knowledge to develop their skill set.

Who is it for?

Featuring a variety of talks relating to conditions encountered on the acute take, this 1-day conference is suitable for doctors working in all medical specialties and at all levels of the profession: consultant physicians, SAS doctors, ANPs, PAs and trainees.



Patient safety: learning from takeouts and pubs and not just the pilots
Dr Rob Galloway, consultant emergency medicine, BSUH

Frailty services and how they link with AMU
Dr Iain Wilkinson, consultant geriatrician, SASH

Immunotherapy toxicities for the Acute Physician
Dr Madeline Hewish, consultant oncologist, RSCH

Gastroenterology: acute liver injury
Dr Gayatri Chakrabarty, consultant gastroenterologist, SASH

More than just Hocus POCUS; ultrasound cases and evidence
Dr Nick Smallwood, Society for Acute Medicine Ultrasound Group

Physician Associates: how they can help deliver acute care
Dr Natalie King, consultant acute medicine & Head of KSS School of Physician Associates

Obstetric medicine for the front door
Prof Cathy Nelson-Piercy, consultant obstetric medicine, GSTT

Respiratory: pulmonary embolism - new treatment paradigms
Dr Simon Bax, consultant respiratory medicine, SASH

Cardiology - ECGs + - ACS
Prof Nik Patel, consultant cardiologist, Eastbourne