This doctor can ... work flexibly

When and where

6 February 2020
Holiday Inn Cardiff City Centre
Castle Street, Cardiff, CF10 1XD

Past event

This doctor can ... work flexibly

The medical workforce is changing and more of us are choosing to work flexibly. This can be for numerous reasons; childcare, research, or even just to have a better work-life balance! As part of the future generation of Doctors and leaders we need to create a local network of mentoring and support within Wales.

Returning to work after taking a break can be challenging.  At this RCP Cymru Wales workshop we will be discussing how ‘This Doctor Can Work ... Flexibly’. We have a range of speakers including those who have returned to work after parental leave and sick leave.  Please come and share your experiences and collaborate ideas. 

Who should attend?

This evening workshop is aimed at trainee, specialty and associate specialist doctors, clinical fellows and consultants who have experience with or who are interested in working less than full-time.