Getting the most out of simulation

When and where

4 December 2017
Royal College of Physicians of London
5 St Andrews Place, Regents Park, London NW1 4LE

Past event

Getting the most out of simulation

'Getting the most out of simulation' is a 1-day teach-the-teacher workshop for all doctors and healthcare professionals with an interest in teaching and supporting learning through simulation. This session teaches scenario scripting and delivery along with effective debriefing and feedback skills for use in the simulated and clinical environment.

What you will learn

This course will teach the essentials of simulation-based education, as well as transferable skills to all clinicians and healthcare professionals to become more effective educators.

Throughout the day you will explore best practice in relation to simulation, which will include utilising feedback models commonly used by simulation experts to conduct the vitally important debriefing aspect of the experience. You will work independently and in groups to design and script effective simulation scenarios, and will have the opportunity to trial them with colleagues on the day. 

The topics covered can be applied to simulation-based learning in the broadest sense, whether this is the use of actors to develop sophisticated consulting skills or the use of hi-tech mannequins in purpose-built simulation environments.

Workshop topics

This workshop will cover:

  • descriptions of the educational modality known as simulation
  • how the underpinning educational theory informs the educational process of simulation
  • applying simulation to clinical medicine in order to teach and improve patient care
  • using a recognised model for providing feedback to participants in simulation
  • developing and scripting simulation scenarios for use in your own educational practice.

NB This workshop will not include specific teaching on how to use the features of simulation technology.

Getting the most out of simulation

4 December 2017 09:30 to 16:30