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Medicinal plant lectures 2023: July in-person

When and where

24 July 2023
London | Online

Medicinal plant lectures 2023: July in-person

The medicinal garden has been designed to be a wonderfully calm space in the centre of London. One of the joys of the garden is its unique and bespoke collections of plants that offer living examples of the history of medicine, ranging from the era of the pyramids of Egypt to today’s life-saving prescription drugs.

The medicinal plant lecture series was started so we could share stories and information about the garden and the history of medicine. We are delighted to host these events 2-3 times throughout the year. 

At each event, you can look forward to lectures given by speakers in the field and a tour of the garden for those who attend in-person.

The second event of 2023 will take place on 24 July 2023, and can be attended in person at RCP Regent's Park or online via the RCP Player.


More information and programme to follow

Online attendance

If you can't attend in-person, this event will be streamed via the RCP Player. Click here to book your place.