New consultants development programme

When and where

13 October 2017 to 27 November 2017
Royal College of Physicians of London
11 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4LE

Past event

New consultants development programme

The RCP has designed two new workshops specifically aimed at final-year registrars and doctors in the first 5 years of being a consultant. These workshops will provide you with the opportunity to gain relevant knowledge and skills in order to make the best possible start to your consultant career, as well as offering the chance to discuss your experiences with colleagues.

This 2-day programme is for final year registrars and doctors in the first 5 years of being a consultant. Delegates must attend both workshop days in order to complete the course.

Highly relevant with a good overview of important aspects of daily consultant life and work as a consultant.

Locum consultant respiratory physician, July 2016

Day 1 - Starting out as a consultant - 13 October 2017

This workshop explores the rewards and challenges of becoming a consultant. It seeks to address the range of knowledge and skills that you will require in order to establish yourself in your first consultant post, including:

  • the structure of the NHS
  • clinical governance
  • risk management and clinical incidents
  • how to deal with complaints
  • clinical coding.

There will also be the opportunity to consider your personal qualities and how they impact on others around you, many of whom will look to you for cues on appropriate attitudes and behaviours in the healthcare setting.

Day 2 - Developing yourself, developing the service - 27 November 2017

Having survived the initial stages of becoming a consultant, you will be eager to continue to develop yourself personally and professionally, as well as making important changes to the service that you offer to patients. This workshop explores aspects such as personal development, time management, developing a portfolio career, the role of commissioners, developing a business case, and people management skills such as influencing and negotiating.

Excellent content. Very useful and enjoyable. Presenters were excellent. A-class!

ST5 doctor, July 2016

New consultants development programme - day 1

13 October 2017 09:30 to 16:00

New consultants development programme - day 2

27 November 2017 09:30 to 16:00


Highlights include

  • The rewards and challenges of being a consultant
  • Getting established in the department
  • Working with others
  • Building clinical teams
  • Understanding NHS structure
  • Collecting evidence for job planning and development
  • Career development and the portfolio career
  • Understanding clinical commissioning
  • Service development
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Managing people and dealing with difficult colleagues
  • Stress management and time management