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Public lecture: please don't show me your data! (yet)

When and where

4 March 2020
Royal College of Physicians of London
11 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4LE

Past event

Public lecture: please don't show me your data! (yet)

This lecture will be delivered by Professor Blaine Price, Professor of Computing, School of Computing & Comms at the Open University.


6pm            Arrival tea and coffee
6.30pm       Lecture
7.30pm       Finish


The explosive growth in wearable and Internet-of-Things technology for self-tracking has given many people the tools to help diagnose problems that have eluded conventional medicine. However, many more people are collecting data of dubious value from this cheap ubiquitous technology and expecting their physician to make sense of it. In this talk I will explore the history of the quantified-self movement and where it can help patients and physicians work together to solve problems as well as the current obstacles to success and how we can overcome them. While the present state of the art may have limited value for most people, the future is brighter, if ethically challenging.