Workplace-based assessment - London

When and where

30 April 2019
Royal College of Physicians of London
5 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LE

Past event

Workplace-based assessment - London

Assessment of the clinical performance of doctors has become an important issue, both among patients and within the profession, following the redesign of specialist training. Methods to assess performance, in an objective, valid and reliable way, have been introduced to address these issues.

This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to gain an understanding of a range of assessment methods and to develop confidence in using them to assess competence and performance more effectively.

I have learnt how to maximise teaching opportunities during the working day and I will be proactive in making use of such as well as encouraging my future trainees to do so.

Workshop attendee, October 2018

Learning outcomes

  • recognise the difference and the relationship between assessment and appraisal
  • practise using workplace-based assessments
  • use appropriate methods of assessment in a way that ensures reliability, validity, transparency, feasibility and educational impact
  • provide good quality, useful feedback
  • identify and maximise opportunities for workplace-based assessment
  • overcome problems related to the assessment process.

Very useful refresher on work-based assessments. Demonstrates that however much you think you know it’s always useful to revisit.

Dr Phillip Evans, consultant, October 2018

Who should attend?

This is a popular workshop and is suitable for doctors from all grades and specialties.

Other information

  • e-learning package 'Assessing trainees in the workplace' (Member rate)
  • e-learning package 'Assessing trainees in the workplace' (Non-member rate)

Workplace-based assessment

30 April 2019 09:30 to 16:00