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Consultation response: the big data dilemma

The RCP's consultation response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee 2015 inquiry looking at the opportunities and risks of 'big data'. The inquiry looked at whether the UK government is doing enough to ensure that entrepreneurs can benefit from the data revolution, while looking at issues around data protection and privacy.


  • Big data has the potential to improve the quality of patient care and is fundamental to providing new innovative procedures and treatments.
  • The current processes for recording and sharing patient information are not sufficient for utilising the potential benefits of big data. Clinical records and information is often not accurate or of high enough quality for big data purposes.
  • Clinicians must be supported to develop a better understanding of wider benefits of good patient records and big data to the benefits of patient care.
  • The public must be provided with more information on big data to ensure that the benefits of big data can be balanced with individual confidentiality.


For more information please contact Adam Reid, RCP public affairs manager via email on adam.reid@rcplondon.ac.uk.